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Cook Family Learning provides online learning programs that aim to change the way people think about substance use and addiction and create an open and honest dialog within the workplace and at home. Our programs encourage individuals and organizations to face addiction head-on through positive, preventative and compassionate solutions.

Our team knows the grip of substance use and addiction, and for us it’s personal. That’s why destigmatization is so important. At Cook Family Learning we respect each individual in their journey and meet that person where they are in the process. We also provide an inclusive mindset for supporting their families and co-workers.

Substance Use & The Workplace features two distinct learning experiences; developed to serve the unique needs of employees and upper level management

The Substance Use & The Workplace Course contains important lessons for employees of any company or organization, no matter the size or industry.

Human Resources professionals, executives and managers will benefit from the Substance Use and The Workplace Management Track featuring additional content to inspire development of preventative and proactive solutions to mitigate the risks of substance use within the workplace.

Our web-based learning platform makes course content easily accessible without the need for an LMS.

Learners may access course content using any web browser, and continue retain access to an archive of resources and tools for understanding and addressing substance use.

Course content supported by the experts at Caron Treatment Centers

The Substance Use & The Workplace Course was created in partnership with Caron Treatment Centers, the leading experts in substance use and addiction treatment for over 60 years. Cook Family Learning is grateful to have the privilege to partner with Caron for course development as they have consistently raised the bar and emerged as a leader in treatment modalities for age and gender specific populations. Their persistent drive for predictable results is founded in cutting edge medical science and is supported by years of clinical research data.

"Our team knows the grip of substance use and addiction, and for us it's personal. "


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